Ben graduated from Johnson & Wales University and worked with the Blue Point group after earning his degree in Culinary Arts. Without knowing it, Ben was setting his course towards Brewsters from the banks of North Carolina.

But before that could happen, he had to spend 10 years working his way up through the ranks at the Ritz Carlton.  Later he opened his first restaurant, Uva Enoteca in 2008, then further honed his skills managing all front of the house operations as GM and wine director at Daniel Patterson’s Alta CA.

Ben brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience ensuring you'll have a comfortable (and delicious) visit.



Todd grew up in the small farming and fishing port town of Grand Haven, Michigan, where he excelled in sports. Eventually he was competing on the national level in mountain biking, which led to a fixation on food as a tool to nourish and fuel the human body to exceptional lengths. This was the clear beginning to his culinary journey. 

During his adult career as a professional cyclist, Todd worked as almost every front of the house position in restaurants, in whatever parts of the country his training took him. Eventually Chef Jonathan Perno of San Francisco's Postrio (Wolfgang Puck), ran into him at his former restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Under his tutelage, Todd, who had no kitchen experience, was transformed into a capable cook. After being encouraged to come West to San Francisco by Perno, Todd ascended to the level of Sous Chef at various San Francisco stalwarts like Town Hall. 

After some time away in the Rocky Mountains continuing his culinary carreer with top restaurants, Todd returned to the Bay Area to help reimagine the food program for Mill Valley's Piatti, and later with various sister-restaurants. After helping to open the lauded Stone Brewery's Liberty Station in San Diego, Todd returned North and cemented his culinary star with Mill Valley's Molina where he was able to create a new standard in establishing an entire dining experience that transcends 'just' really great food and service. 

Diana Martocchio


Born and raised in San Francisco Bay area, Diana began working in the restaurant industry over 15 years ago. She has help positions in every facet of the restaurant industry, from both the front and back of house operations. 

The last 10 years, she has been primarily focused on all aspects behind the bar. She spent the majority of her bartending career in San Diego working with Consortium Holdings Hospitality group. It was here where she developed and refined her passion and skills as a craft cocktail bartender. Additionally she began to help create and cultivate craft beer and cocktail programs for multiple new restaurants that opened within San Diego County.

Diana brings with her a passion for locally crafted beer and spirits,  and well as a strong enthusiasm for innovative, seasonally inspired cocktails that can be enjoyed in a comfortable,  and communal setting.